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About Uniforce Group

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Uniforce Group was created for businesses around the world that prefer to work with small to medium sized businesses for customized services while requiring a global footprint for their shipment needs. Uniforce Group is the best combination of local expertise with a global alliance that recreates the same expectation throughout all countries from around the world. Uniforce is an alliance of business owners offering global logistics services. Each company is partner based and can be added on invitation only. Our partners are focused on building a quality alliance and will not lower their standards to gain membership more quickly than would be suitable for our valued client supporters. Our integrity is too important and our clients deserve a quality service throughout the shipping experience.

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Road transport

Combining each member’s regional expertise and capabilities to create a suite of seamless services, Uniforce Group offers a broad range of Road Transportation solutions. Our extensive domestic and international networks provide the level of coverage you need.

Whether you are trucking across town or across the continent, Uniforce has the ideal transport solution and level of excellent service you expect and deserve for all of your road transport needs.

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Ocean freight

With Uniforce Group as your Ocean Freight provider, you receive the benefit of strong local relationships and support, as well as access to an array of reliable global services offerings. Each Uniforce partner possesses a level of ocean expertise and flexibility in their regional markets that is second to none. In addition they also provides highly customized services to ensure your ocean freight shipments get to their destination in the most effective and efficient way. These offerings combined under the single umbrella of Uniforce Group provide a level of service and dependable coverage that other forwarders simply cannot provide.

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Air freight

Uniforce Group has the expertise and capabilities you can count on for all of your air freight needs. Whether your freight is moving across the country or around the world, Uniforce is uniquely equipped to offer you an unparalleled service.We ensure your air freight shipments are executed properly from pickup to delivery. On a local level our teams of air freight experts will work closely with you to determine the solution that fits your situation and puts your business needs first. At the same time,we offer the international network and support at global level.

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Uniforce Group offers a broad range of warehousing activities in all of the regions we operate. From basic storage to full turnkey solutions and everything in between, our state of the art facilities are equipped to meet your needs and probably exceed your expectations. Our combined presence and expertise in the arena of warehousing and logistics create a platform that is uniquely equipped to help you to achieve full optimization of your supply chain.
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Within Uniforce Group, many of our partner provide excellent e-fulfilment. Efficient e-fulfilment can be very valuable to your organization. By outsourcing all logistics processes, you can focus on your core businesses.

Consumers require a completely smooth shopping experience. Otherwise, they will quickly leave your website. Choosing us as your partner, you can leave everything from the storage function to return logistics in the safe hands of our specialists.
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