Within Uniforce Group, many of our partner provide excellent e-fulfilment. Efficient e-fulfilment can be very valuable to your organization. By outsourcing all logistics processes, you can focus on your core businesses.


We made it easy for you

Consumers require a completely smooth shopping experience. Otherwise, they will quickly leave your website. Choosing us as your partner, you can leave everything from the storage function to return logistics in the safe hands of our specialists.

Instead, you can concentrate on getting even more customers in your webshop. Whether you have a small or a large business, our solutions grow along with your business.

Choosing Uniforce as your e-fulfilment partner gives you full control of your logistic processes, from picking up the items from your manufacturer to delivering the end product on your customer’s doorstep 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On top of this, we make daily deliveries to all of the world.

IT integration

Our warehouse management systems provide maximum safety from the products entering the warehouse up to and including until they are picked, packed and shipped to your customer. We scan the goods throughout the process and thereby using our IT system to be part of the accuracy.

We make sure that the warehouse will be built up in terms of your items so that you have the least possible consumption of storage space. A good data structure and discipline are crucial to the very low rate of errors we have and will influence the load your customer service will experience. This is also crucial for your customer’s experience in the end. If your company does not already have a good data structure, you will get it in cooperation with Uniforce Group.

Worldwide distribution

Uniforce has many years of experience with distribution by land, sea and air. To be able to offer the best solutions worldwide, we make agreements with many different carriers, but we also have our own vehicles. This way you are given a lot of options in all countries; together we can find the best solution for your company. Our focus is on delivery reliability, price and service level. We have thorough knowledge of how goods can be best moved from A to B.

Extra services within e-fulfilment

We are meticulous with the execution of your orders, which ensures a low rate of errors and more satisfied customers. In addition, we can take care of gift wrapping, shoe impregnation and design an easy return note. We also have our very own photographic studio where we can quickly make a professional picture of your product when you are about to stock the shelves of your webshop with new products.


Uniforce offers a variety of additional fully customizable services to meet your specific needs, such as:

  • Gift wrapping and to and from cards
  • Shoe impregnation
  • Corporate gifts
  • Prints on garments
  • Outsourcing of customer service
  • Pressing and hanging garment
  • Own photo studio


In addition to the mentioned extra services, Uniforce Group also has a very good return procedure that can be of tremendous help to you and your webshop. In e-fulfilment, a good and simple return procedure can be the decisive factor when your customer is choosing, which webshop to buy from. We have the expertise and the systems to give your customers a quick return solution and a good service. When returned, we restore, to the extent possible; all returned goods to marketable condition so that they can bring joy to another customer.